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Pullman Dinette

Multipurpose Dinette Kit

Dimensions: L1840mm x D1190mm x H550mm

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Embrace the new wave of compact living with our Pullman Dinette. A fusion of style, functionality, and clever design, experience the ultimate space-saving solution for narrowboats and tiny homes. This multifunctional, UK-crafted boat furniture offers a 4-seater dining set that easily converts into a double bed. The Pullman Dinette includes added storage space.

Experience the transformation from a 4-seater dining set to a comfortable double bed. Click here to watch our video

Watch Our Video

Our Pullman Dinette serves as a perfect example of bespoke narrowboat furniture, transforming from a 4-seater dining setup into a cosy double bed. This functional furniture design exemplifies the innovative solutions that make life on a narrowboat or in a tiny home comfortable and convenient.

This standout piece of boat cabin furniture is a testament to superior UK craftsmanship, seamlessly blending practicality and style to elevate the interiors of your narrowboat or compact home.

Designed with the unique constraints of narrowboat interiors and tiny homes in mind, our Pullman Dinette epitomises effective space utilisation. It's not just a piece of boat furniture; it's a space-saving solution.

The Pullman Dinette integrates additional storage space into its design. This innovative feature allows for efficient organisation, further enhancing your compact living space.

At OK Joinery, we understand that details matter. We offer personalised options for wood and cushion colours to ensure the Pullman Dinette complements your interiors, adding to its charm and elegance.

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